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5 Ways to Get Started with AI for Marketing

Joanna Huang

Joanna Huang · Product Marketing Manager

June 5th, 2024 · 5 min read

Made with Typeface

Made with Typeface

This blog was generated using Typeface’s blog post template based on an outline, resulting in:

• Total time savings of 5 hours for this blog
• 63% decrease in composition time

Picture yourself in the middle of a tight marketing campaign deadline. Your to-do list is full of content requests, each demanding urgent attention and action. In moments like these, AI is a powerful ally. AI gives us back the time and space to ideate, create, edit, and distribute content at unprecedented speed. 

AI is your creative partner that can boost your productivity throughout the content workflow. Here are a few ways you can get started using AI in your day-to-day work today. 

Offering fresh content ideas   

Let’s face it. As marketers, our day-to-day is often focused on execution. We have a long list of content requests from our team, partners, and customers. When was the last time you were able to sit back for a few hours and had the space to think? Luckily, you can leverage AI for endless amounts of content ideas. AI is an enabler that frees up space to brainstorm and tap into your inner creativity. 

Ideas for what Typeface��’s next blog be about .png

Ideas for what Typeface’s next blog will be about 

Ideate 2.png

Ideas for fun marketing creatives 

AI can help you plan out your content calendar, outline sections for blogs, and offer visual inspiration for your campaign. You can even ask the AI to find ideas from your existing content with prompts like “Summarize the key themes from this content” and “List potential blog ideas from this document.” 

💡 Pro tip: Want to ideate in your everyday apps? Integrate AI into your everyday workflows to share content ideas directly in Microsoft Teams, Google Workspace, and more. 

Start brainstorming in Typeface → 

Generating instant drafts 

Besides brainstorming, AI can help you rapidly generate content and trim your content backlog. Reducing time-to-market is especially helpful for decreasing time-to-market for holiday campaigns and trending social posts that require a quick turnaround. 

AI can shorten the time it takes to flesh out an idea into a polished draft, so you never have to start from scratch. This frees up your time to do highly creative and strategic work instead. 


AI can give you the first draft of a highly detailed buyer’s guide 

Start creating in Typeface → 

Polishing and editing  

Every marketer has spent hours refining content that’s almost ready but not quite there. With AI, you can seamlessly edit and add final touches to produce content that you’re proud to publish. Whether it’s shortening a paragraph or extending an image beyond the original dimension, Typeface offers a suite of AI editing tools at your fingertips. 


Start editing in Typeface → 

Driving personalization 

After you’ve ideated and created your content, it’s time to scale. We marketers work best when we can spend time on the original visionary ideas. AI can handle the content variations for us. 

Want your product to appeal to different audience profiles? Tailor messaging and visuals to match their specific preferences. Need translations and localized images for a global audience? Use AI to personalize the tone, language, and cultural context to various email recipients. 

Typeface’s unique approach tailors AI models to your brand to scale personalized content. Our Feeds feature helps marketers generate content for specific audiences, geographies, and channels. AI supplies all the content you need to dynamically send targeted content variations in Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Google BigQuery, Microsoft Dynamics 365, and more. 


Typeface Connect works with your favorite apps for audience data and content delivery 

Start personalizing in Typeface → 

Repurposing across multiple channels 

To truly unlock the full potential of your content, it’s important to repackage content for distribution. But for those of us who’ve transcribed and re-written long webinars, we know that the process of repurposing content can be quite labor-intensive. AI offers the most efficient way to unlock more value out of your existing content library. 

With Typeface's Blend templates, you can instantly transform your existing content into any desired format, maximizing content reach and impact. For example: if you have existing webpages or videos, simply paste its URL link into Typeface to magically repurpose it as an engaging blog post or email announcement. 


Start repurposing in Typeface → 

Get started today 

We’ve explored just a few of the many benefits AI brings to your marketing organization. Now it’s time to experience it firsthand yourself! Sign up for a 30-day free trial of Typeface. 


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