Typeface for email marketing

Send personalized outreach
that drives more conversions

Great marketing doesn’t just land in an inbox. It speaks to each audience to drive action. Use Typeface’s AI to craft more personalized, on-brand email campaigns with targeted messages and visuals for each audience.

Campaigns & journeys

Keep audiences engaged with fresh email campaigns

Curate content for multi-step journeys in one go
From welcome series to abandoned cart reminders, import or define journeys to create content for each audience and journey stage. Publish directly to your platforms.

Stay ahead with dynamic content feeds

Source inspiration and audience-specific content variations to deliver consistently engaging experiences across email, messaging, and push notifications.

Account-based marketing

Drive more engagement within your target accounts

Craft personalized email copy and visuals
Generate targeted subject lines, copy, and visuals that resonate with each segment. Select from out-of-the-box email templates or create your own within your brand style.

Drive account-based marketing using your data

Action on your account data with unique campaigns that build the message and visuals around the specific attributes and preferences of each account.


Boost click-through rates with content optimizations

Create more content variations at scale
Generate multiple subject lines, imagery, and calls-to-action, allowing you to run more tests across different platforms.

Identify the best-performing content for each audience
Understand which message resonates with each audience, saving time and resources to create targeted content one by one while increasing engagement.


Your workflow to turn emails into revenue

Set up your brand hub

Define your brand's visual style, tone, and audiences to create on-brand, targeted content.

Integrate your systems

Connect your audience data, orchestration, and publishing tools for one end-to-end workflow.

Create and refine

Use our AI email editor to curate content tailored to each journey stage and collaboratively refine.

Scale content workflows

Publish emails directly to your email automation platforms for seamless delivery.

Curate and optimize

Get curated feeds for continuous inspiration and optimize content based on performance.

Our products

Learn more about our products

Typeface offers a suite of products and capabilities to address all your content needs across your organization.

Typeface Hub

Multimodal copilot and templates
Brand-personalized AI
Integrations & responsible AI

Typeface Arc

Curated storyboards
Journey & campaign orchestration
Publishing & proactive recommendations


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