Typeface + Salesforce

Elevate personalized content in campaigns with the Typeface GenAI platform. With deep integrations to the Salesforce Marketing Cloud, easily create content that fits your brand, audiences, and performance goals – boosting productivity, time-to-market, and campaign success metrics.

Key Features

How we work together

Typeface Hub

Create Dynamic Content Blocks in Content Builder

Drag in Typeface's powerful content block into Salesforce’s Content Builder. Then use our brand-personalized generative AI to create targeted, on-brand assets. Create, preview, and publish all in one go.

Typeface Hub

Use audience and brand insights to tailor content

Need to run multiple email campaigns with different target audiences? With Typeface, you can easily generate creative variations for each audience, and Salesforce will dynamically send them to the right people.

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Typeface Arc

Refresh journeys with targeted and unique content

Import your pre-defined journeys from Journey Builder to use Typeface Arc to automatically generate content targeted for each stage of the journey, from welcoming new subscribers to re-engaging dormants.

Typeface Arc

Preview and publish your finished journeys in one click

With native integrations into Salesforce Marketing Cloud, you can publish your journeys and preview within Salesforce immediately so you can activate email campaigns instantly.

Our integrations

Solutions across Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Content Builder

The Typeface Content Block is accessible in Content Builder and unlocks access to on-brand AI content creation within your workflow.

Journey Builder

Skip the step-by-step content creation. Arc lets you create new journeys or import pre-configured journeys from Journey Builder.

Marketing Cloud

Our current integrations with Salesforce Marketing Cloud enable multichannel content creation with more to come.

“A top challenge for marketers is creating personalized content at scale. Typeface’s AI unlocks efficiency across the entire campaign lifecycle.”

Stephen Hammond

EVP and GM of Salesforce Marketing Cloud

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Find us on Salesforce AppExchange

Typeface is now available on Salesforce AppExchange with a stronger set of content safety checks, richer image generation UI, and enhanced collaboration.

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Personalized email campaigns

How Typeface helps marketers quickly create personalized content across multiple audiences within Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

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Our Salesforce integration

Learn more about the Typeface for Salesforce Marketing Cloud product release during Dreamforce week. See how this joint solution combines the strengths of both platforms.

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