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Typeface can help you repurpose, summarize, and optimize any web content using AI. This guide shows you how to use the Web Blend template to maximize your content efficiency.


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Landing pages, blogs, social posts, emails, and more


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Leverage web content for different channels and SEO optimization

Web Blend template 

With the Web Blend template, you take any web URL to turn it into new written content.  

Here are the basics of how to use the template: 

  1. Go into the Web Blend template 

  1. Paste in a web URL 

  1. In the “How do you want to improve the content?” section, specify what you'd like to transform the webpage into. The following sections will guide you on customizing your prompt instructions for this step. 

  1. Optionally adjust the audience, tone, and language under “Settings”. Refer to Text Prompting 101 to learn more. 

  1. Click “Generate” 

For step 2, here are the most common types of web content our users input in the Web Blend template: 

  • Industry solution pages 

  • Thought leadership blogs 

  • Product listing pages 

  • Product launch blogs 

  • Job postings 



Choose text-heavy webpages that have detailed information about a specific topic for the best outputs.

Prompts to repurpose webpages 

The Web Blend template can help you refresh and repurpose a webpage, so it’s better suited to your desired format. Below are common prompts used by our users.  

  • Rewrite the content into a newsletter email 

  • Rewrite the content into a 5-sentence social post 

  • Rewrite the content into a blog post 

  • Rewrite the content into an FAQ 

  • Rewrite the content to include [topic] 

Example #1

Prompt: Rewrite the content into a 5-sentence social post 

Web URL: Typeface Named a 2023 Hot Vendor in Generative AI by Aragon Research 


We're honored to be named a Hot Vendor in Generative AI for 2023 by Aragon Research. This award highlights our dedication to personalized content creation, preserving your brand's unique identity, and integrating AI into your existing apps. We're grateful for the support by our customers and partners. Celebrate this achievement with us at the Aragon Transform 2023 awards on Dec 5th! 🏆 #AragonResearch #AI #Awards 

Example #2

Prompt: Rewrite the content into an FAQ 

Web URL: Understanding the OLIPOP Nutrition Label (drinkolipop.com) 


What type of ingredients can I find in a can of OLIPOP? 

In a can of OLIPOP, you'll find ingredients like carbonated water, chicory root inulin, natural juices, and stevia leaf. It does not contain high fructose corn syrup or any artificial colors or flavors. 

How many calories does OLIPOP contain? 

OLIPOP sodas contain anywhere from 35 to 50 calories per can. 

How much sugar does a can of OLIPOP contain? 

A can of OLIPOP contains 2-5 grams of added sugars. This is a far cry from traditional sodas, which can contain upwards of 40 grams per can. 

Does OLIPOP contain any caffeine? 

Only a few OLIPOP flavors contain caffeine, including Vintage Cola, Doctor Goodwin, and Cherry Cola. These flavors have 50mg of green-tea caffeine and cognitive-boosting nootropics. 



Go into the template’s “Settings” if you want to repurpose the webpage for a different target audience, language, or tone.

Prompts to summarize webpages 

You can also use the Web Blend template to summarize longer webpages. Below are some prompts you can use to pull key insights and save time. 

  • Summarize the content into the key takeaways    

  • Summarize the themes and action items 

  • Summarize the content into a recap email 

  • List all the statistics from the content 


Prompt: Summarize the content into the key takeaways     

Video URL: What is Reverse ETL? The Definitive Guide | Hightouch 


Understanding Reverse ETL 

Reverse ETL (RETL) refers to the process of moving data directly from a data warehouse to the operational systems used by various business teams. The process is meant to give non-technical users access to data insights and unlock business value. 

How Reverse ETL Works 

RETL works by querying data from a data warehouse, transforming it, and loading it into a variety of downstream tools (destinations). The process involves four components: sources (data warehouse), models (SQL statements to manage data extracts), syncs (where data models are mapped to destination fields), and destinations (tools where data is sent). 

This allows the customer info that's stored in the warehouse to be used across the business. 

Alternatives to Reverse ETL 

There are alternatives to RETL including point-to-point solutions (like Zapier, Tray) and Customer Data Platforms (CDPs). However, these options fall short because they either require managing diverse workflows or are not designed to integrate with existing data infrastructure. 

Building Reverse ETL 

Creating custom RETL pipelines can get complicated due to the constant updates in third-party APIs. Fully managed RETL tools solve these problems by taking care of all API integrations, allowing you to automate and schedule your data syncs. 

In conclusion, Reverse ETL forms the backbone for businesses looking to activate and drive actions from insights stored in their data warehouse, thereby enabling personalization and unlocking business value.

Prompts to SEO optimize webpages 

The Web Blend template helps you SEO optimize your webpages based on keywords. Below are prompts that help you produce outputs for web copy or metadata. 

  • Rewrite the content to optimize for the keywords [add keywords] 

  • Generate search engine optimized meta title and description tags 

  • Add an FAQ section that optimizes for the keywords [add keywords] 


Prompt: Add an FAQ section that optimizes for the keyword Clearbit 

Web URL: Clearbit integration - Arcade 


What is Clearbit? 

Clearbit Enrichment instantly appends 100+ data points on a company, its technology, and its employees to every record you own — so you can turn leads into customers sooner. 

What are the benefits of using Clearbit with Arcade? 

By using Clearbit with Arcade, you are able to uncover high-intent companies using your Arcade to drive demand and increase conversions. 

Is Clearbit integration available on my pricing plan? 

The availability of specific features such as the Clearbit integration can be found under our 'Pricing' section. 

Try it out 

Get started with repurposing, summarizing, and optimizing your web content. Choose a web URL. Then use one of the prompts we covered in this guide: 

  • Rewrite the content into a 5-sentence social post 

  • Rewrite the content to include [topic] 

  • Summarize the content into the key takeaways    

  • List all the statistics from the content 

  • Add an FAQ section that optimizes for the keywords [add keywords]  


What types of URLs can I use in the Web Blend template? 

Web Blend works best when you use URLs that contain rich information. That way the content you repurpose or optimize has important details about that topic.  

How do I repurpose a web URL into multiple pieces of content at scale? 

Within your project, go to the Feeds section and select the Web Blend template. Now you’re able to enter more than one prompt within the template. Feeds allow you to generate multiple pieces of content at once. 

What other templates help me repurpose content?

Typeface offers several templates to repurpose your content. This includes YouTube Blend, Vimeo Blend, Text Blend, Podcast Blend, and Document Transform templates.


Need more help? Sign up for office hours or support@typeface.ai. 

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