Why Marketers are Choosing Typeface as Their Go-to AI tool for Optimizing Content Creation and Ad Performance with Google

Courtney Brigham

Courtney Brigham · Senior Director, Communications

April 8th, 2024 · 7 min read

It's hard to ignore the innovation that's taking place in digital advertising. And in an era where everyone is constantly bombarded with information, developing creative campaigns quickly, on brand that stand out from the crowd in advertising is no easy feat. Today, we’re excited to share more on our mission with Typeface to supercharge content creation and help marketers personalize their campaigns in this new era with a preview of our collaboration with Google Ads.  We are rallying around three key pillars to help you tell your brand story faster to create intent, increase ad performance with micro-targeting and ultimately optimize ads for better results and brand consistency: 

  1. Drive Awareness. Save time and costs showcasing your brand: Overcome the high costs of copywriting and photography, building a compelling narrative that fosters customer intent at the very top of the funnel. Drive more traffic with targeted social campaigns: Whether it's adding items to their cart, making a purchase, or simply generating leads, create targeted social ads and experiment with new ad formats and trends quickly.  

  2. Elevate Consideration. Increase engagement with audience or geo-tailored ads. Generate multiple ads rapidly tailored to various audience segments or geographical locations. Fine-tune your targeting strategies and messaging based on your data to better engage your customers. Stay relevant and on-brand: Tailor your copy and images to your brand tone, values, and visual style. Ensure ads are brand-compliant before you publish.  

  3. Ultimately - the Magic is in the Message: With Typeface, you can now constantly evolve your message, accelerate ad experimentation, based on performance – free from the constraints of creative. Learn and discover what truly engages your audience. Get numerous headlines, descriptions, calls-to-action, and visuals at once. And create cohesive ad campaigns that maintain your brand's identity across different platforms. Use cross-channel ads to maximize visibility and impact. With Typeface, Optimize ads for better results and brand consistency. 

What does mean for everyday marketing? To learn more, we sat down with Dinasha Cellura, one of the marketing brains here, to better understand why Typeface for Google Ads is a game-changer  and an inside peak into how this works. 

Q: What are some of the product features you are most excited about with this week’s launch and how does it work?  

Dinasha: It’s really amazing. Think of this as your workflow to turn ads into customers and ultimately your best fans. Here are a few highlights for today’s milestone and what it looks like in the Typeface and Google Ads workflow:   

  • Set up your brand hub: Define your brand's visual style, tone, and audiences to create on-brand, targeted content. 

  • Pull your customer data: Integrate your preferred customer data platforms to tailor content to your audience segment’s unique preferences. 

  • Create multiple ads: Select your ad attributes and brand assets to create multiple ad cross-channel versions at once. 

  • Publish to your ads platforms: Directly publish and preview your campaign in Google Ads Manager and various social media platforms. 

  • Optimize content continuously: Leverage performance data to refine and enhance your ads to better resonate with your audiences. 

Q: You are a veteran marketer – take us back, what was life like before this moment in advertising? 

DC: It’s striking how far we’ve come from a world of not knowing enough about prospective customers to knowing so much that we’re all in a crowded room and cannot spend enough or create enough content to attract the eyeballs of that customer. There’s at least seven other brands that have the same ethnographies competing for attention of the exact same customer as you and it ends up being a game of tug-of-war between marketing budgets which can leave you upside down on ROI. 

And now, enter AI. Marketing professionals are scrambling to get to market with the optimal use of AI to create exponential, on target, dynamic ads and content that are going to have statistically better odds and outcomes. Saving cost to create, target, and personalize content reduces the costs to produce, retarget, boost, and delivers a higher return. 

Q: Why is this new way of working with Typeface and Google Ads going to change the game for marketers? 

DC: One of the reasons I joined Typeface is, as a marketer, I immediately saw the value having an AI-powered content and personalization machine at my fingertips could bring. I’ve managed multi-million dollar campaigns, online programs, testing initiatives and can see from an infrastructure perspective how plugging an AI tool or agent – if you will – can exponentially create an advantage and buying power in the digital world of content and ads. Imagine doubling your budget and having the freedom to go the extra mile (i.e. an extra 500K-1M in social media boosting alone), because your content is laser targeted to reach your audience through the algorithms. It’s a chance to get smarter than the machine and beat them at their game of leveraging more budget out of brands.  

Q: There is often a learning journey with new technology – what are some of the core capabilities that got you as a marketer excited to jump in your work? 

DC: We’re all looking to keep content, messaging, and behavioral targeting fresh and in synch with evolving generational behaviors. Gen Z is engaging with content and making life decisions based off social media, Gen X and elder generations are choosing to spend their disposable income based off brands that can win their mindshare and attention in a moment’s notice. Millennials are building families, trying to buy homes in a constrained market, and highly influenced by brands from raising their babies to where they’ll vacation or choose to buy a home. Or what delivery, subscription services they will choose among a sea of brands.  

With Typeface, you can create a boundless, imaginative world of content that moves as fast as a human’s attention span. With the integration across Google platforms, you can create from pre-defined customer segments, use Typeface for AI powered content creation and variations, beautiful imagery and deliver, publish into Google Ads all within your workflow. And follow that quickly outside of long lead timelines with results on how your ad performed. And be able to tweak and refine to a micro-engagement level at scale.   

Q: Any tips for getting started? 

DC: It’s easy to get started, Typeface is a nimble tool built outside of big tech platforms where we keep your brand IP safe in it’s own tenant. And it’s truly your trusted and integrated partner.  

The Typeface team is dedicated to customer success for every customer they bring on, big or small. And will help you champion your first campaign through to the finish line. Typeface brings the human support aspect to AI and makes it easy to embrace and adopt in any environment.  

Are you ready to embrace the future with Typeface? Check out one of the upcoming events this week for key AI insights on the journey ahead at GoogleNext or our new online Typeface series: 

GoogleNext: This year's conference theme is "Inspiration starts here" with a heavy focus on GenAI. We're thrilled to be speaking at four sessions on the power of GenAI from content to security. Check them out: 

  • April 9th - A guide for enterprises: How to implement generative AI applications 

  • April 9th - From images to text, understand how Google can help build trustworthy AI 

  • April 10 - How Salesforce, Outreach and Typeface unlock generative AI value with Google Workspace 

  • April 10th - "Build vs Buy" Lightning talk in Partner Summit 

New online series: Join us for an AI Showcase Series on April 10th at 9am PT/12pm ET. This session is designed to empower creative minds with practical tips on leveraging AI in ad generation. Register to join live or get the recording: 


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