Introducing Typeface Arc: The Next Chapter in Storytelling for the AI Era

Abhay Parasnis

Abhay Parasnis · Founder and CEO

May 8th, 2024 · 7 min read

From the moment language was born, telling stories has been at the heart of human experiences, shaping how we think, perceive the world, and truly connect with others. However, the art of storytelling was only accessible to a few in the enterprise until generative AI enabled anyone to craft professional-grade content faster with a simple prompt.

To bring the potential of AI to the enterprise, we launched one year ago with Typeface Hub, our multimodal AI content platform, to empower all teams to craft personalized content tailored to their unique brand and audiences at scale. We've been inspired by the strong excitement and adoption with creators and Fortune 500 brands – from cosmetics leaders engaging new audiences with inclusive social posts to automakers rolling out nationwide advertisements within days to HR teams transforming recruiting with personalized candidate outreach. This first chapter in generative AI has sparked a new wave in creativity and laid the foundation for what is possible. It has also opened new opportunities for how AI can transform the very way we create and work.

As we look ahead to the next frontier for content, we believe AI's true potential goes beyond answering prompts with individual content moments and artifacts to curating interconnected stories. Today we're excited to share the next chapter of our vision with the introduction of Typeface Arc, building upon Typeface Hub, to reimagine the lifecycle of narrative and campaign building without content bottlenecks, making the way we create as intuitive, fluid, and natural as human creativity itself.

The first adaptive AI storyboard for new storytelling experiences

Modern consumer storytelling mediums are user-centric and dynamic, yet enterprise content tools feel like relics, bogged down by labor-intensive data analytics and project planning that hinder the storytelling flow. Arc empowers teams to reclaim their role as directors of their brand's narrative with entirely new digital experiences that streamline the entire end-to-end workflow from idea to activation.

Arc transforms the way teams start with adaptive storyboards tailored to their end goals. Arc helps you curate a storyboard for each target audience, enriched with inspiration feeds for every content moment, such as emails, social posts, text messages, and display banners. To generate the most relevant stories, Arc brings together all context from existing systems within each brand’s Hub, including brand guidelines, audience data, market research, existing content, and more. Teams can then design, refine, and publish multi-channel narratives and campaigns, serving as a creative lab for testing content engagement and targeting strategies.

Lastly, Arc is always ahead of the curve, proactively creating more content to keep your content fresh and engaging. It dynamically evolves by learning and adapting to performance data and real-time feedback, ensuring new content is more compelling than before.

The new workflow to create stories with Arc has five key innovations

Arc workflow visual.png
  1. Harness your data for contextual insights: Arc taps into the full breadth of your existing knowledge base and enterprise ecosystem, including customer data platforms, digital asset management, customer journey orchestration, existing content, and more. Arc then crafts content storyboards rooted in a profound understanding of your brand and audience context.

  2. Jumpstart creation from curated campaigns and journeys: Whether it's for welcome sequences, cart abandonment journeys, recruitment outreach, or ad campaigns, Arc curates tailored content for each step in the journey and each target audience segment. This facilitates a cohesive narrative across multiple platforms and journey stages.

  3. Collaborate in one digital workspace: Arc creates a unified workspace that not only speeds up multi-variant creation and iterative refinement but also reduces the need to switch between different tools and software for content workflows, eliminating inefficiencies caused by software sprawl.

  4. Publish natively across platforms: Arc natively integrates with a range of automation platforms, such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Insights, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Google Ads Manager, and social media applications. Arc directly sends finalized journeys and campaigns to your platforms to activate these campaigns across various digital destinations where your customers interact with your brand.

  5. Proactively learn and adapt content to insights: By adopting a continuous learning approach, Arc monitors campaign performance and team feedback, proactively generating new content variants for each audience segment. This strategy ensures your content is constantly evolving to maximize impact and ROI with each new campaign.

Arc ushers in new content and workflow experiences to build more engaging customer and employee experiences – email campaigns, display ads, recruiting outreach, employee-wide communications, and more. Arc streamlines the entire enterprise content workflow, so your teams can elevate their content impact to a new level across the organization.

CX EX.png

Consider this scenario: you're launching a new promotional sale. Instead of creating each email and SMS separately, you streamline the entire customer journey across multiple platforms, tailoring market-specific narratives in one go. Or picture coordinating all your recruitment efforts—across social media and email—based on a single job posting. This approach doesn't just simplify tasks; it creates a new, end-to-end workflow that eliminates the need to create each piece of content and personalization one by one.

Today, our customers have achieved 4x more variations in personalized content in half the time, 65% increase in engagement from Typeface-generated blogs and social posts, and up to 10x more shoppable content with Hub. By introducing the dynamic curation and personalization capabilities of Arc, we're excited to unlock a new era of brand reach and personalization in ways never possible before.

This new storytelling experience is already in the hands of customers today and powering integrated workflows with leading marketing automation platforms, such as Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Insights, and Google Ads Manager. We invite you to speak with our experts to be one of the first to experience Arc. 

From moments to stories: where enterprise storytelling is headed

Our vision for AI is to reimagine the way you create stories. Typeface Arc propels creation forward, transforming it from creating individual moments in time with prompts to a connected, continuously evolving experience driven by your goal.

Just as the rise of computers, the internet, and smartphones fundamentally changed our lives, AI is reshaping both the content we create and the ways we create it. With the first chapter of generative AI, new applications have begun to understand our language and words. As we embark on the journey ahead with Typeface Arc, we envision a world where AI partners with us in our everyday workplace to better understand our intent and how we want to create. This transformation is as exciting as it is challenging. We are here to navigate this road together, designing experiences that make AI a seamless, intuitive extension of your creative process. With Arc, reignite the joy of storytelling in your everyday work, giving you the freedom to reconnect with your creative spark and focus on what you love most – crafting narratives that truly connect with others. 

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