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Maximize your brand's reach
with personalized content

Gone are the days when content creation was limited to a select few. Create high-performing content across all customer touchpoints, without the extra manpower or budget.

Key Benefits

Why Typeface AI for Marketing

10x more converting content faster

Make every employee your best creator to increase your output and maximize impact

Tailor to every persona and channel

Easily customize your content to engage your audience wherever they are

Grow and maintain a consistent brand

Ensure a consistent brand across all your products, channels, and teams

Works with your tools and systems

Integrate or export to your apps to streamline creative workflows

Key Features

Our solutions for marketers

Automate your entire content workflow - from idea to activation

Simplify your workflow from start to finish with genAI. From storyboarding, production, collaboration, and publishing across multiple marketing platforms. Anyone can now create on-brand content that not only looks amazing, but also looks and feels like your brand.

Social posts using your brand colors to promote a launch

Personalized nurture emails in multiple languages for multiple markets

1000-word blog post in the voice of your CEO with SEO tags

Tailor content to your brand, audiences, and channels

Generic content can kill brand reputation. We train custom AI (Blend) unique to each brand, including visual elements, messaging, and brand guidelines, to enable deep personalization that caters to different audience segments and campaign objectives.

Brand guidelines

Colors and tone

Sample content

Text styles

Product imagery

Audience profiles

Learn more about Blend

We handle your first draft, so you edit and publish faster

Say goodbye to blank pages. Our inline editing feature, Generative Refine, lets you edit text right in your content editor. Automatically adapts to your goals, languages, and channels, saving you hours of writing and editing.

Translate to another language – Spanish, Korean, French, and more

Change tone from professional to conversational for an email

Specify your own prompt, such as “turn this blog into a tweet”

Repurpose content fast. Convert videos to text.

Easily transform your content with Text Blend. Even turn video URLs into text content in just seconds. This means you can quickly create new content from existing assets for multiple different audiences and channels.

Turn your CEO’s keynote into an event recap blog post

Turn a webinar into follow-up email to attendees or social posts

Summarize key takeaways from a webinar


Create a multimodal ad for your next Google campaign

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Instagram Post

Create an Instagram-ready photo and caption for your next social media post

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Blog Post or Article

Rainstorm topics, headlines, or write full blog posts or articles with copy and images

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Customer Stories

“With Typeface, we have unlocked the power to generate thousands of personalized, on-brand images, spanning over multiple diverse markets and significantly reducing our production time to amplify our content factory initiative.”

David Kang

SVP Digital Commerce & Marketing Solutions

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