AI for Creative

Multiply your creative
production and results

Easily empower your team to create amazing creative assets in minutes. Collaborate with AI to brainstorm and launch new campaigns, without the usual time and budget constraints.

Key Benefits

Why Typeface AI for Creative

Speed up content creation

Create great content faster with easy-to-use design tools that anyone can use

Personalize for every channel

Save time creating and repurposing content for every campaign and format

Free up your time for new ideas

Boost creativity and turn more ideas into campaigns that drive real results

Works with your tools and systems

Integrate or export to your apps to streamline creative workflows

Key Features

Our solutions for creatives

Design product or lifestyle photography for campaigns

Our Image Studio let you create top-notch shots without any AI expertise. Just upload your asset, describe the scene, and we'll take care of the rest. Get pro photography at your fingertips without breaking the bank.

A product shot of your sneakers on a rainy street for social

A human model in your new summer line for web

Resized images for an email newsletter banner and display ad

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Stay on brand and reduce creative bottlenecks

Tired of constantly policing your brand? With our centralized content hub, you can store all your brand-approved assets in one place. Our AI learns your brand's colors, guidelines, and voice, ensuring that every piece of content stays on-brand, regardless of the creator.

Advanced image editing

No need to rely solely on graphic design software for image adjustments. With Blend's Generative Edit feature, simply select any part of an image and describe your desired edits using everyday language. Even export layers for further editing in tools like Photoshop.

Streamline collaboration across teams

Cut down on back-and-forth and long email threads. Create detailed creative briefs in minutes to describe your project. Easily invite teammates to your account or create a team account to collaborate on multiple projects at once.

Customer Stories

“The Typeface platform really empowers our marketing strategy and helps our creators quickly produce sophisticated content without expensive graphic design assistance.”

Ketan Patel

VP of Growth


Image Studio

Create product shots with clicks - simply place your asset and describe the scene

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Creative Brief

Generate a creative brief with message and requirements for an ad campaign

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Web or product descriptions

Write product copy for webpages, catalogs, emails, and eCommerce

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