For the Love of Retail: Increase your bottom line through personalized content mastery

We all know personalization is key to increasing a brand's bottom line BUT creating quality, on-brand, personalized content at scale remains elusive.

Discover Typeface, a revolutionary generative AI solution that allows marketers to produce dynamic, high-quality content withing your existing workflows. Typeface can harness your brand voice, style, and ethos to create persuasive content, tailored to your target audience.

Watch this webinar to learn how some of the largest retail brands are leveraging Typeface to scale their content velocity across shopper content, personalized paid media, idea briefs, storyboarding, product descriptions and more.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • Top use cases to realize the value of GenAI content

  • Leverage audience segments to create more personalized content

  • Understand what features Typeface customers can’t live without

Who should watch? Retail Digital Transformation and Innovation leaders, Marketing practitioners looking for solutions to unleash a personalized content creation engine.