AI Showcase: How to use AI for B2B designs

In this webinar, our in-house visual designer Ananya Mohan will demystify AI by showing you how to use AI to create abstract designs across blogs, webpages, sales decks, and more. 

She'll share her end-to-end process for ideating designs, applying Brand Kit, and creating designs for different dimensions. 

You'll learn how to:

1. Create designs that are always on brand
2. Get the best prompts without being a prompt engineer
3. Quickly scale variations of your design across any format

Who should watch:
- Designers looking to unlock greater inspiration and enhance their craft with AI while staying on-brand
- Marketing leaders looking for practical ways that AI can create immediate efficiencies 

Ananya Mohan, Visual Designer @ Typeface
Joanna Huang, Product Marketer @ Typeface