Ensuring safe and responsible AI for enterprises

AI has potential to transform how we create and collaborate, and it must be evolved responsibly. Our platform is designed to meet enterprise safety needs with strong controls, guidelines, and monitoring to mitigate misuse.

Typeface Safe

Our comprehensive safety
and trust framework

Trusted platform

Supports leading enterprise solutions with stringent standards

Enterprise trust

Industry recognition

Human in the loop

Using feedback and reporting tools for content quality and accuracy


Brand alignment


Brand governance

Grounded in your data for brand control and ownership

Brand kit


Fine-tuned models

Secure & safe AI

Ensures secure, private, and responsible content workflows

Content isolation

Responsible AI


Safe models

Developed with enterprise models with strong guardrails

Best-in-class models

Inherited trust

Typeface uses a layered security approach with multiple checks and balances to safeguard customers against different safety and security concerns, ensuring all aspects of AI use meet high ethical standards and building a foundation of trust in every interaction.

A focus on responsible AI

Input filtering

Ensure safe use and content ownership

Our AI models start by blocking prompts that don't meet our content guidelines, preventing the spread of inappropriate or harmful material. Your prompts, data, and outputs remain private with no sharing with third parties or models.

Output integrity

Mitigate harmful outputs

Our system further reviews AI outputs to ensure they align with our AI safety standards. We prevent displaying any content that doesn’t pass, reinforcing our commitment to delivering safe AI-generated content.

Content authenticity

Promote transparency around the use of AI

We implemented the C2PA standard to certify the source and history of the content generated by Typeface. Embedding credentials in the content lets users easily recognize AI-created materials, helping combat misinformation and increase transparency.

White paper

Expert guide on GenAI enterprise safety

Get a framework for keeping your AI use trustworthy and safe and practical considerations regarding the implementation of generative AI solutions.

Acceptable use policy

How we employ ethical AI use

Our commitment to safe AI ensures that customers can present their offerings in a positive manner. Through our AI Acceptable Use Policy, we provide the guardrails to uphold ethical standards and provide businesses a safe platform to amplify their brand values.

Our partners

Trusted by industry leaders

“Typeface’s investment in responsible AI sets a standard for how Salesforce partners can apply industry-leading approaches to safely building generative AI products. We’re grateful to the Typeface team for a great partnership and for prioritizing the safety of our joint customers.”

Rob Katz

VP, Product Management, Responsible AI & Tech


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