Personalize content to your
brand and audiences

Ditch generic AI. We help you stay on-brand with extensive personalization options, whether by audience, geo, or channel.

Standardize brand governance

Create a central content hub

Asset training: Upload products, logos, and graphics into a shared library, so everyone uses brand-approved assets.

Knowledge imports: Upload content or insert URLs to repurpose your content with speed and consistency.

Secure private AI: Your content, prompts, and data remain private within your own dedicated AI model.

Preserve Your Identity

Train AI to understand your brand

Multimodal brand kit: Ensure all content aligns with your brand, including text, images, and more.

Brand guidelines: Define your brand's voice, tone, and visual style for cohesive content.

Custom rules: Set clear guidelines for words, avoid issues, and maintain style compliance.

Hyper-Personalize At Scale

Fine-tune for each audience and market

Audience profiles: Tailor messaging and visuals to all your target personas.

Geos and channels: Experiment with different tones, languages, and platform-specific needs.

Scale workflows: Create variations across segments or geos with one prompt.

Key Features

Discover features for personalization

Product preservation

Our AI keeps product details intact, maintaining image quality and clarity.


Create targeted profiles with demographic data, such as age, gender, preferences, and interests.

Image styles

Match your visual style, including artistic elements or composition.

Tone and voice

Generate copy in your brand voice, so it sounds like only you.

Brand values

Embed your principles into how you tell your brand story for a strong message.


Establish guidelines for approved words, styles, and brand-compliant content.

Asset library

Import or upload brand assets to use in content generation.

Color palette

Set palettes for consistent brand color use in generated content. 


Jumpstart with tutorials

Define your image styles

Set your image styles in your Brand Kit to generate on-brand images.

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Write copy in your brand voice

Set up a brand kit for tone, values, and rules to generate on-brand copy.

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Repurpose existing content

Use Typeface to transform text, videos, or audio files into blogs, articles, and more.

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Deep dive into our enterprise platform

Create content with GenAI

We provide everything you need to draft, edit, and collaborate on AI-generated content easily.

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Ensure brand governance

We blend model training, data privacy, brand guidelines, and approved policies to generate secure, compliant content.

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Embed into any workflow

Connect to your systems and tools to bring Typeface wherever your employees work and into your existing workflows.

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