Arc for CX

The new AI-first content
workflow for customer journeys

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Arc helps you design and launch multi-channel customer journeys. With integrations across your automation platforms, it simplifies campaign publishing and helps you connect better with each audience through curated storyboards and feedback loops.

How it works

Streamline the content
workflow from idea to activation

Step 1

Create a storyboard from your goal and context

Start by defining your goal in your own words. Arc gathers all relevant data such as audience insights, journey maps, product assets, and your brand profile from integrated systems like Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Insights, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, customer data platforms, digital asset management systems, and more.

Step 2

Jumpstart from curated
journeys for each audience

Skip the step-by-step content creation. Arc curates feeds of pre-designed rich email templates, SMS messages, and push notifications tailored for each audience and stage of the journey, from welcoming new subscribers to re-engaging those who abandoned their carts. Customize emails and messages by adding your own content or use Typeface’s Copilot for further content generation.

Step 3

Edit and collaborate for
reviews and approvals

Use Typeface Copilot and our AI-first email HTML editor to make copy modifications and image replacements. Simplify the review process with features that allow for easy flagging of content that needs review or approvals.

Step 4

Publish campaigns across channels

Preview and publish your finished email and messaging journeys with one click. With native integrations to platforms like Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Insights and Salesforce Marketing Cloud, you can distribute content across channels from your existing tools without hassle or delays.

Step 5 - Coming Soon

Proactively adapt content from
feedback and insights

With Arc, campaigns don’t stop at launch. By leveraging analytics and user feedback, get proactive content optimizations tailored to improve engagement for specific audience segments. This continuous learning cycle ensures your campaigns remain relevant and effective over time.

Coming soon

More customer experience
workflows with Arc to come

Ad campaigns

Manage your ad campaigns from start to finish across social and paid media using one workflow.


Streamline content and distribution on your websites and traditional channels for better audience engagement.


Enhance your online stores with personalized shopping experiences and visuals to attract more customers.

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