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AI-generated personalized
content for enterprises

The only generative AI platform that delivers brand-specific content at remarkable speeds without compromising data security.

Our Unique Approach

Meet the generative AI
enterprise stack







Easy-to-use, self-serve templates and tools that natively embed into enterprise apps.


AI models personalized to your brand and hosted separately for no data leakage.


Unified multimodal generative hub for all your content - text, images, and more.

Open AI

Vertex AI

Azure AI


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We combine cutting-edge language models with our brand-specialized AI, so you can generate personalized, on-brand content throughout the entire customer journey directly within your existing tools and workflows.


Built for enterprise security
and governance

Content authenticity

Built-in checks to ensure generated content is free from plagiarism or misleading information

Embed Typeface into your apps

Integrate enterprise-grade generative AI content directly into your own applications and workflows

IP ownership

Hosted in secure, separate locations so no data leakage to the public

Brand control

Set your brand guidelines, style guide, or tone of voice, so you can be on-brand everywhere

Our strategic partners

Integrates with Google Cloud's large language models through Vertex AI and extends Typeface personalized AI to more businesses and millions of Workspace users

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Combines the power of Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service and Azure Machine Learning with Typeface Affinity AI to boost personalized content creation at speed

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Partners with Salesforce Customer 360 to provide data-driven content personalization with Typeface across Salesforce applications and data

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Latest News

Our Salesforce integration

Learn more about the Typeface for Salesforce Marketing Cloud product release during Dreamforce week. See how this joint solution combines the strengths of both platforms.

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Our new product release

Learn more about our latest product release on personalized content creation and collaboration that integrates with your existing processes and leverages your data.

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GenAI Marketing Solution release

Learn about our new solution with Google Cloud BIgQuery that combines customer intelligence, audience definition, and content personalization into a single Gen AI-powered workflow.

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