Typeface + Microsoft

Together, Typeface and Microsoft accelerate your campaigns and team productivity. Harness personalized generative AI to create faster, easier, on-brand content across all channels, right within your existing Microsoft applications.


Why choose Typeface for Microsoft

Secure, tailored AI

Our AI models are brand-specific and securely hosted, ensuring your data stays private.

Integrated workflows

Typeface’s solutions fit smoothly into Microsoft apps, simplifying AI use in your everyday tasks.

Early access

As a Microsoft customer, get previews of our cutting-edge integrated offerings.

Key Features

How we work together

Boost creative work powered by Azure AI

Combine Azure Machine Learning and Azure Open AI Service with Typeface's personalized AI for rapid, brand-aligned content creation. Accelerate output 10x without compromising your brand's essence.

Stay in the flow of work within Microsoft Teams

Streamline content creation within Teams using our built-in library of AI templates and tools. Efficiently collaborate, repurpose, and refine files for cohesive team efforts.

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Activate campaigns in Microsoft Dynamics 365

Leverage Dynamics 365 Customer Insights for targeted campaigns. Seamlessly create, manage, and deliver personalized cross-channel content in one unified workflow.

“With the new copilot experience in Dynamics 365 Customer Insights and the power of Typeface, we enable marketers to further unlock the power of personalized and on-brand content curation to help supercharge their campaign in a fraction of the time.”

Charles Lamanna

Corporate Vice President at Microsoft

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 integration

Transform marketing workflows in Dynamics 365 Customer Insights with Typeface for seamless end-to-end campaigns.

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Microsoft for Startups

Typeface simplifies content creation for the entrepreneurial journey, helping startups establish strong brands.

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Our blog with Microsoft Teams

Hear from Srini Raghavan, VP of Microsoft Teams Ecosystem, on how to use Typeface for effortless team collaboration in Teams.

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