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Typeface for
Microsoft Teams

Simplify your marketing tasks with Typeface's generative AI. Craft personalized, on-brand content quicker than ever before. No need to jump between apps – ideate, create, and collaborate all in one place right within Microsoft Teams.

Key Benefits

Go from ideation to collaboration in minutes

Work together faster

Easily share your work with teammates using our ready-made templates. Smooth collaboration, no time wasted.

Maintain your brand voice

Let our AI tailor content to perfectly match your brand's voice and style. Ensure brand consistency without the hassle.

Instant Feedback Loops

Receive quick feedback on your content and make instant improvements with AI. Iterations have never been this easy.

Key Features

Collaborate on content within chat

Spark creative ideas effortlessly

Jumpstart your brainstorming process with Typeface's embedded app. From initial concept to polished draft, effortlessly transform blank pages into impactful content. Collaborate seamlessly within Teams, sharing and refining ideas easily with your team.

Example customer scenarios

Create a product shot for a new product launch

Generate copy for marketing emails

Edit a blog post to include a image describing the topic

Create faster with quick start templates

Craft tailored content in Teams using Typeface's ready-to-go templates. Repurpose materials effortlessly, such as simply right-clicking on a video and ask Typeface to draft a blog or social post. Or start from scratch with the 'Create & Share' feature.

Example customer scenarios

Convert a webinar into a blog post for online readers

Create a creative brief for a e-book launching a product upgrade

Develop SEO meta tags for web

Share instantly for fast feedback

Connect and work seamlessly with your team by chatting, sharing content, and refining ideas together in Teams. With Typeface's Generative Refine, make quick edits, such as improve writing, shorten text, change tone, and more, all within your Teams chat environment.

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