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Easily build audiences, create personalized content, and launch customer journeys across channels – all in one platform using BigQuery data. Your marketing team's ultimate toolkit.

Key Benefits

Fast track your marketing campaigns at scale

Go live in hours, not weeks

Boost content creation 10x. Expand reach to more channels and increase tests and experiments.

Personalize your reach

Eliminate content roadblocks. Reduce time from idea to execution of 1:1 personalized content across multiple audiences.

Measure result instantly

Track audience targeting and creative success for Typeface campaigns within BigQuery or your CDP.

Key Features

An end-to-end GenAI
experience for marketing

Define audience
segments with your customer intelligence

Craft a complete Customer 360 view by tapping into BigQuery's own data from ads, sales, customers, and products. Produce targeted content connected to your CDP audience segments.

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Rapidly craft custom cross-channel content

Use Typeface's embedded app to create tailored content that seamlessly blends your CDP's audience segments with our brand-focused AI. Share the content across Google Ads, blogs, landing pages, and more.

Example use cases

Acquisition camapigns for new product launches

Cross-sell or upsell campaigns to unique audience segments

Prevent churn with custom offers

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Automate marketing journeys at scale

Whether it's one campaign or a hundred, Typeface makes it simple. Generate a complete suite of custom content for every audience and channel in mere minutes. Publish across various channels at once using your CDP.

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User story demo

Check out a real-life scenario on how marketers can now craft hyper-personalized cross-channel campaigns, cut product launch times from weeks to hours.

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Download solution brief

Accelerate campaign launches. Eliminate content roadblock. Increase your reach and scale. Learn more on our 1-pager for data-driven GenAI content with Typeface.

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GenAI Marketing Solution release

Learn about our new solution with Google Cloud BIgQuery that combines customer intelligence, audience definition, and content personalization into a single Gen AI-powered workflow.

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