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Typeface helps you personalize content specifically for different audience segments. Create targeted profiles with demographic data such as age, gender, interests, and spending habits so your content deeply resonates with each audience.




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Personalize content to different audiences segments

Creating a new audience segment 

An audience is a group of individuals sharing common aspects such as age, gender, preferences, and spending habits. Understanding your audience enables you to tailor your messaging to specific groups in your social media posts, ads, emails, etc.  

Creating an audience segment can be done in a few simple steps -  

  1. Navigate to the Audiences section 

  1. Select "+ New Audience". This will allow you to share details about your audience segment. 


    MicrosoftTeams-image (185).png
    MicrosoftTeams-image (186).png
  2. Audience Name: Assign a unique name for each audience segment. The name should be easy for your teammates to recognize, such as "Tech-Savvy Millennials" or "Health and Wellness Enthusiasts."

  1. Age: Specify the age of your target audience. This helps tailor content to the demographics and life stage of the audience. For example, you might target products or messages to "18-24-year-olds" or focus on "Retirees 65+" for different campaigns.

  1. Gender: Consider the gender that the marketing message is primarily directed towards. While some products or services might be gender-specific, some strive for an inclusive, gender-neutral approach. 

  1. Interests or Preferences: Provide details about the hobbies, habits, or preferences common within the audience segment. Make sure to use descriptive phrases over single words. For example, "Enjoys exploring the latest smart home technologies" or "Prefers hiking by the Pacific Ocean." Hit enter to input multiple preferences.

  1. Spending Behavior: Highlight the spending habits typical within the audience segment. This could include tendencies like "budget-conscious", "luxury spender" or "value oriented". You're also able to select multiple categories together such as "experiential" and "luxury." This helps tailor content to match the buying patterns and preferences of the audience segment. 

  1. After you’ve created your audience segment, you can click the three dots next to the audience name to edit or delete the audience segment. 



Saved audience segments are available to everyone on your shared team.

Creating audience segments within templates 

You can also create a new audience segment on-the-fly within templates: 

  1. Open a project. 

  1. Create a new document. 

  1. Choose to create from a Template. 

  1. Select your preferred text template (e.g. blog, email, social post). 

  1. Click on "Settings" and under "Who is your target audience", select “+ Create new Audience”. 

  1. Enter the details of the audience segment you wish to create.

  1. After you click “Create”, your new audience will be saved and pre-selected in the template.

MicrosoftTeams-image (187).png


Applying audience segments in your content 

After creating an audience segment, you’re ready to apply it to your content. Simply navigate to the template’s settings and choose your audience segment from the dropdown menu.  

MicrosoftTeams-image (188).png

Examples of audiences and tailored content 

Below are examples of three audience segments created for Greggs, a food chain business.

MicrosoftTeams-image (196).png

Typeface generated three marketing emails catered to each of the audience segments. The bolded text shows where the audience messaging is especially strong.

Example emails

Audience 1: On-the-Go Professionals 

Subject: Meet Your New Favorites On-the-Go Fix: Greggs' Seasonal Menu! 


We're shaking up your quick bites with a vibrant twist. We're excited to introduce our latest seasonal menu, carefully crafted for those on-the-move moments. With our finger-licking wraps & sandwiches packed with flavour, we're turning hustle into a delight! 

A Perfect Start: Your morning just got tastier—fuel your day with our coffee crafted by expert baristas, delivering your essential espresso or americano, a perfect jumpstart! 

A Scrumptious Journey: With our flavour-packed wraps and sandwiches, every bite will feel like an adventure, bursting with freshness and quality ingredients. 

Click. Order. Collect: In a hurry? We're here to make your life easier. A few clicks and your order is ready—just grab it on your next dash! 

All-In-One Combos: Timesaving and taste-tempting – choose your preferred sandwich, add a side and pair it with a beverage for a meal that covers all bases! 

Indulge in delicious convenience - all arranged to complement your hustle. Meet us in our warm, welcoming stores or vanish those waiting blues with our Click + Collect service. Try it now at your local Greggs stores or skip the queue with Click + Collect! 

In addition to offering delicious food, we're proud of our roots, our diverse community, and our commitment to giving back. We hope you'll enjoy this culinary journey as much as we did curating it for you. 

Here's to a delicious season of good food and time-saving convenience. We're excited to have you take this journey with us! 

Let the hustle taste better with Greggs, 

Team Greggs. 

Audience 2: Health-Conscious Eaters

Subject Line: Savor the Season with Greggs' Healthy Gourmet! 


Step into the freshness of the season with our brand new health-centric menu. We fully load your plate with nutrition that doesn't compromise your taste buds. Yes, we're changing the rule of the game, where your health goals meet the purest indulgence. 


  • Chia & Blueberry Muffins baked with love, 

  • Quinoa Chocolate Crunch Bars, a blend of goodness, 

  • Superfood Salad Bowl, your daily dose of nutrients. 

These delights promise each bite to be an exciting journey, blending tradition with a dash of innovation, for you and your wellness. 

For the liquid-enthusiast, we bring you: 

  • Revitalizing green smoothies to kickstart your day 

  • Hydrating infused waters, a cool companion for your fitness routine 

Our new menu isn't just food; it's a celebration of your health, nurtured from organic, GMO-certified ingredients that ensure your pursuit of wellness is both appealing and appetizing. As we remember our commitment to quality and dedication, we continue to strive for your satisfaction, instilling the essence of community, tradition, and giving back into every morsel. 

So, are you ready to take a step toward your best self? To relish the fusion of authentic tastes and health benefits that others dream of? 

Try it now at your local Greggs stores or skip the queue with Click + Collect. Because at Greggs, when you choose health, you choose happiness! 

Here's to a healthier, heartier you! 

Audience 3: Culinary Explorers

Subject: Savor the Season: Greggs' Fresh Menu Bursting with Flavors! 


Hello Greggs Gourmand

Ready to tantalize your taste buds? Witness the culinary revolution as Greggs unrolls its latest seasonal menu, an irresistible collection of flavors bound to make your stomach rumble. This season, it's all about indulgence that goes above and beyond the expected, with a lineup packed full of delectable treats and irresistible delights. 

  • Revel in the sweet sensations of exotic acai-infused delights, taking your dessert experience to a whole new level. 

  • Savor our gourmet makeover of the beloved burger, now bursting with the fiery embrace of Harissa, invoking warmth in every bite. 

  • Lose yourself in the luxurious touch of truffle oil that coats our savory selection, an irresistible treat for your taste buds. 

  • It doesn't stop at flavors; the new menu is a complete farm-to-table experience, making each dining moment a story that needs to be shared. 

Ready to take a bite? Immerse yourself in the divine and adventurous culinary world waiting for you at Greggs. Don't just savor the taste; share your stories, snap your best foodie shots and let your scrumptious journey inspire others. Your taste adventure starts right here! 

Try it now at your local Greggs stores or skip the queue with Click + Collect. Your taste buds will thank you, and we guarantee you'll be back in seconds! 

Happy Feasting, Your Greggs Family. 

Try it out 

Get started with setting up audiences in Typeface: 

  1. Create three audience segments based on your content needs 

  1. Create 3 pieces of content using the same template, assigning a different audience segment to each one 

  1. Compare the outputs to see if each post accurately tailors to the chosen audience segment 


How do I create an audience that shows up strongly in messaging? 

When creating a new audience segment, include specific phrases instead of generic single words. For example, your audience’s preference for “Flavors that come from rare chili peppers” will have a stronger impact on content than “Food.” 

Can I import my audiences? 

Typeface Connect supports integrations with data sources like Microsoft Dynamics 365, Google BigQuery, ActionIQ, and more to leverage your existing audience segmentation. 

Can I select two audiences in my template?

Within your project, go to the Feeds section and select any template. Now you’re able to select more than one Audience within any template. Feeds allow you to generate multiple pieces of content at once. 

How many audiences can I create?

This will depend on your plan. All users can create audiences during content generation. Some plans support several or unlimited saved audience profiles.


Need more help? Sign up for office hours or support@typeface.ai.

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