Typeface is Live on Salesforce AppExchange: Prioritizing Responsible AI

Dhruv Sood

Dhruv Sood · Product Manager

December 4th, 2023 · 3 min read

At Dreamforce, we introduced the Typeface experience in Salesforce Marketing Cloud, designed to simplify personalized content creation for marketers. Today, we're excited to announce that it's now available on Salesforce AppExchange. This update includes new collaboration controls for teams and a richer image generation experience through our Image Studio. We also added a new set of safety checks and guardrails so that brands can trust Typeface to create content that is in line with their values. 

Creating unique messages for different audience segments can be a real time-drain. It often gets stuck in the never-ending queue of content requests. With Typeface, marketers can harness the power of AI to quickly generate and fine-tune personalized email campaigns for different target groups. Here's how marketers who use Salesforce can now take advantage of personalized AI content creation: 

  • Quickly craft personalized images within Salesforce Content Builder, tailored to specific audience segments. 

  • Enhance product presentations with our embedded Image Studio which simplifies product photo shoots with a library of dynamic decorations, prompt enhancements, auto-enhanced image resolution, and intelligent placement and lighting. 

  • Edit generated images using natural language, including adding text, changing backgrounds, and adjusting product sizes and positions. 

  • Create and collaborate on projects with your colleagues in a shared team workspace. 

  • Generate diverse content variations and define rules with Salesforce Dynamic Blocks, which give you control over who sees what message. 


Typeface Image Studio in Salesforce


Prioritizing safety with Typeface's Responsible AI 
At Typeface, our goal is to be the generative AI platform for enterprise content creation and enable every employee to safely produce on-brand content. As part of this launch, we have integrated even stronger responsible AI features to help brands uphold integrity and ethical standards.  

We categorize content into different types, including sensitive categories like explicit content, hateful or violent content, mental health, and copyright infringement. We then use a combination of LLM-based filtering and content safety services to block unsafe prompts. We also use post-generation checks to evaluate whether generated images meet safety standards. 

We understand AI isn’t perfect, which is why we encourage users to provide in-app feedback to our Responsible AI team. We are also thankful to our partners from Salesforce’s Office of Ethical and Humane Use for helping us raise the bar. 

“I’m excited that Typeface for Marketing Cloud is now available on AppExchange. Typeface’s investment in responsible AI sets a standard for how Salesforce partners can apply industry-leading approaches to safely building generative AI products. We’re grateful to the Typeface team for a great partnership and for prioritizing the safety of our joint customers.” says Rob Katz, VP, Product Management, Responsible AI & Tech, Salesforce. 

Your trusted partner in personalized creativity 
The launch of our app on Salesforce AppExchange is a big step in bringing our capabilities to enterprise customers. Whether you're looking to boost your creative resources or aiming to streamline marketing operations we are keen to hear from you. Request access today on AppExchange. Want to Typeface within Salesforce in action? Watch our product demo here


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