Introducing Typeface Hub: Our Next Chapter in Multimodal AI, Now Available to All

Vishal Sood

Vishal Sood · Head of Product

January 25th, 2024 · 10 min read

In the last year, we’ve witnessed a remarkable shift in how we interact with our digital world. Generative AI has evolved computers from mere tools of efficiency to our creative partners. At Typeface, we've always seen technology as a catalyst for creative expression, making the expression of ideas exponentially easier. 

As we look ahead, we're always exploring how generative AI can unlock new opportunities for individuals and businesses. Today marks a pivotal milestone in our journey with the general availability of our new Typeface Hub. We blend your unique brand elements, goals, and insights to deliver a truly personalized AI experience to only you. With new features like Blend Copilot, Magic Prompt, and Feeds, we're staying true to our mission of making creative tools universally available and easy to use. 

What sets Typeface Hub apart is our dedication to multimodal AI. The introduction of Typeface Blend last year was just the start. We're now expanding our horizons with the acquisition of TensorTour, introducing new AI-driven storytelling mediums, like video, and specialized AI models tailored to your industry. 

To harness the full power of generative AI, it's vital for this new technology to understand both your brand and unique rhythm of your everyday workflows. Typeface Connect is our initiative to make this happen, expanding our partnerships to incorporate Typeface seamlessly into the applications you use every day. This integration enriches your creative toolkit and seamlessly weaves AI innovations into the fabric of your everyday workflows. 

We're excited to have you join us on this adventure. Start telling your story today, in your own way, with a helping hand from AI. 

New capabilities for a fresh way to create with AI

 At Typeface, we're always striving to make complex technology more accessible and intuitive. We’re excited to unveil our latest advancements in our Typeface Hub, designed to streamline and enrich the creative process with a suite of tools that cater to any user without AI experience. 

Blend Copilot: an AI creative sidekick tailored just for you

Traditionally, working with AI involved giving it a prompt and waiting for the magic to happen. We understand that true creativity involves collaboration. Blend Copilot redefines the way you interact with AI. It's an intuitive command bar that acts as a conversational assistant, grounded with your brand's unique characteristics and content. Key features include: 

  • Brand-tailored assistance: Ask anything, anytime. Blend Copilot understands your brand's voice and style, offering relevant suggestions and tools. 

  • Comprehensive access to tools: From writing articles to designing photo shoots, users have access to a wide range of templates and tools for various creative tasks. 

  • Editable outputs: Direct the AI to refine results according to your specific requirements, transforming basic ideas into detailed projects. 

  • Prompt history and management: Revisit and modify your favorite prompts, enabling a more iterative and precise creative process. 

Meet Typeface Multimodal Content Hub (1).gif

Magic Prompt: Turn simple text prompts into masterpieces

Creating the perfect prompt to generate high-quality images can be daunting. Our latest upgrade takes the guesswork out of it by automatically upgrading your prompts. Leveraging insights from real user interactions and latest image generation techniques, we add essential details and modifiers to optimize your image generation. Keywords, product types, and colors are all considered to ensure you get top-notch image results without you being an expert in prompt crafting. 

💡 Pro tip: The "Magic Prompt" toggle is by default switched on for all image generation, including in our Image Studio. Click into your generated images to review and fine-tune the enhanced prompt as needed. 

magic prompt.gif

Graph Search: Find anything with just your words

We've all experienced the magic of smart search in everyday apps like Google Photos, and now Typeface is bringing this powerful AI search capability to enterprises. Our AI can automatically identify items in images – all without manual metadata tags. Whether you're looking for a yellow Hawaiian shirt for men from your product catalog, an iconic picture of the Colosseum from a sea of user-generated content, or a financial chart from a past report, Typeface can retrieve relevant images based on your description. 

graph search.gif

Increased creative control for image editing

We've expanded our image editing capabilities to offer more control and flexibility: 

  • Brush: Modify a specific area with a brush for more granular control. 

  • Edit: Click to recolor, change material, or generate new objects. 

  • Erase: Remove unwanted objects while preserving the original background. 

  • Color: Harmonize the brightness, contrast, and tones between the product and background. 

💡 Pro tip for “color”: It gives you three outputs to choose from – the original image, the product matched with the background color, and the background matched with the product color. 

Deepening multimodal AI personalization

Personalization is at the heart of our multimodal AI. Our new release gives you more control than ever over brand-specific content generation, ensuring consistency no matter where your team is working. 

Enhanced Multimodal Blend

A few months back, we introduced our multimodal Brand Kit as brand's central hub, encapsulating everything from your unique tone and values to your preferred image styles and color palettes. We've now upgraded it to automatically detect and extract your brand's voice and tone from your existing online channels and content. 

The Brand Kit now includes customizable copywriting rules. This means every piece of content created with our platform aligns perfectly with your brand guidelines, whether it's about maintaining a specific tone, sticking to a formatting style, or ensuring uniform customer interactions. 

Tailoring messages for global audiences

We understand the effort that goes into defining your target audience. That's why we've made it easier to tailor your messaging on a large scale. In Typeface Hub, you can define audience profiles or connect to your customer data platforms to import predefined customer segments. This integration allows for a deep understanding of audience attributes, ensuring that every content piece is spot-on for your intended audience. 

 💡 Pro Tip: Inside any content template, you can quickly create a new audience profile by selecting “New Audience”.


New multimodal templates for every channel

Typeface already provides a breadth of templates across teams to accelerate any content library – YouTube or Vimeo-to-text, Document Blend, SEO-optimized blogs, Image Studio, Google Ads, creative briefs, and more. Our template library is now richer and more diverse, covering a wide array of communication channels. Each template is crafted to meet the specific requirements of different platforms while staying true to your brand guidelines. A few highlights: 

  • TikTok: Create engaging TikTok scripts for video reels. 

  • Marketing Email: Whip up compelling product demo emails with pre-generated subject lines and calls to action. 

  • Sales Email: Effortlessly connect with engineering leaders using our specialized sales email templates. 

  • Push Notifications: Re-engage customers with catchy push notification templates, designed to win back abandoned carts. 


Explore the template library

From one-off to large-scale campaign creation with Typeface Feeds

We understand the need to scale quickly and effectively across various channels, audiences, and markets. Creating content artifacts one-at-a-time is too tedious and time-consuming. That's where our new feature, Feeds, steps in. It's a game-changer for those looking to transition from traditional, one-off content creation to rapid, large-scale campaign generation. 

Feeds is about efficiency and customization. Start with a template, integrate customizable tags, and voilà – you have a collection of content tailored for different platforms, audiences, and languages. Imagine constructing an entire campaign for social media, paid ads, and your website in one shot, or testing ad tones for a younger demographic, or even creating multi-language LinkedIn ads for a global campaign. With Feeds, generate multiple content variations in one smooth workflow, ensuring your message resonates with every segment of your audience. 


Powering a new wave of content workflows with Typeface Connect

We understand that businesses already have established systems and applications. To facilitate the adoption of generative AI, we're focusing on developing a connected fabric rather than AI sitting on an island. With Typeface Connect, we are broadening our partner ecosystem to integrate Typeface into more popular enterprise systems and applications. We're not just adding AI to the mix – we're also opening doors to create entirely new AI-powered workflows 

 We're already collaborating with major players like Google Cloud BigQuery, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Insights. And now, we're thrilled to announce our latest partnership with ActionIQ. This collaboration leverages ActionIQ's deep audience insights alongside our advanced content personalization capabilities. The result is a seamless, unified workflow that delivers highly targeted content to every segment of your audience. This is just one example of how we are continuing to integrate our AI into more of the everyday applications our customers know and love. 

We invite you to start your story with Typeface today

We are entering an exciting era where everyone will have access to innovative AI tools and be empowered to tell their story, in their own voice. Our mission is to help craft AI experiences that feel like an organic part of your daily life. For technology to be true creative partner, we know it must be intimately attuned to the unique brand essence, the narratives you wish to weave, and the rhythm of your workplace. This is the future we're building at Typeface – where technology and creativity converge to speak each person and brand’s natural language. 

We're proud to announce that Typeface is now generally available for all. If you need a little help along the way, check out user guides on Typeface Academy or join our office hours to chat with our product team. Don't miss our webinar on February 8, where we'll dive into this latest release and explore how you can leverage Typeface for impactful brand storytelling. 

Thanks for reading! Stay updated by following us on LinkedIn and Twitter. If you're not on Typeface, sign up to try our refreshed user experience.


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