Typeface Artificial Intelligence Acceptable Use Policy

Last Modified: 23rd January 2024


This Acceptable Use Policy (the "Policy") outlines the terms and conditions for the use of Typeface’s AI services and applications (collectively, the "Service"). By accessing and using our Service, you agree to comply with this Policy.  The terms listed in this policy are in addition to the Terms of Service available at https://www.typeface.ai/terms-of-service

Disallowed Usage: 

Typeface Services can only be used in a responsible and legal manner. Customers and users may not use Typeface products, nor any third-party products or applications which interoperate with our services to generate and distribute harmful content such as the following:  

  • Child sexual abuse material (CSAM).  This encompasses, but is not limited to, the creation, distribution, possession, or promotion of any content, materials, or information that involves the sexual exploitation or abuse of minors. 

  • Content that promotes or encourages violence, hate speech, discrimination, or other illegal activities. 

  • Content that targets or exploits individuals or groups of people, including children. 

  • Content that threatens or harasses individuals or groups of people. 

  • Misleading or deceptive material. This includes content that is intended to deceive or mislead people, influence political campaigns and processes. 

  • Adult content that includes pornographic, NSFW, overly intimate content, sexual abuse, exploitation content. 

  • High risk uses that could result in death, injuries, or serious bodily harm.  

  • For providing legal, financial, professional or any individualized advice that would be provided by licensed professionals. 

Customers who violate the Typeface Artificial Intelligence Acceptable Use Policy may have their accounts suspended or terminated.